About Hawk Radius

Hawk Radius is a home for all kinds of thoughts. While a bunch of my articles are about economics and politics, I like to write about social issues I find interesting, and often about science and tech topics I've wanted to dabble in. This newsletter has aspirations of becoming a long-form writing area where I go into detail about policy, industry, and healthcare. Their intersection forms the core of my thoughts. As an aspiring Renaissance Man, I will definitely not keep my content limited to these topics.

Origins of the name

Hawk Radius was conceived as a kind of joke on the phrase "hawk eyed". Always close, but never truly to the point. Of course, no one got it, but I grew fond of the name my blog has proudly held over the past six years now. It has been hosted on Wordpress, then Medium, and then on my own server, generated using Hugo. Having become tired of using git for my writing, though, I ended up with a Ghost blog. Then I got tired of keeping Ghost up to date and migrated to Substack.

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